Comedy of Errors

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - August, 2016

Set in 1960s Nashville with lots of original music. Photography by Rick Malkin.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Lipscomb University Theatre - June, 2016

Photography by Kenn Stilger.

King Lear

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - January, 2016

Medieval setting. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Into the Woods

Lipscomb University Theatre - October, 2015

Photography by Kenn Stilger.

Henry V

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - August, 2015

Set in a Civil War camp with the Confederate soldiers acting out Henry V. Photography by Rick Malkin.


Lipscomb University Theatre - February, 2015

Photography by Kenn Stilger.

Twelfth Night

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - January, 2015

Costumes inspired by Italian Renaissance clothing. Photography by Rick Malkin.

As You Like It

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - August, 2014

This version of As You Like It was set to be a depression era camp. Photography by Rick Malkin.


Nashville Shakespeare Festival - January, 2014

Time and place were created for this production. Military uniforms were inspired by uniforms found in Pakistan and Turkey, but with elements unique to this show. Women's gowns inspired by Middle Eastern runway fashion. Photography by Rick Malkin.

A Midsummer's Night Dream

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - August, 2013

This production of Midsummer featured fairies who wore outfits created out of recycled materials, such as shopping bags and plastic bottle tops. I was even interviewed by NPR for the recycled costumes. Photography by Emma Kingsbury and Rick Malkin.

A Much Ado About Nothing

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - August, 2012

Denice Hicks conceived of this production as a musical taking place as the navy returns home from World War II. The original music in the style of the 40s by Janet McMahan and David Huntsinger really brought the production to life. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Pride's Crossing

Lipscomb University Theatre - March, 2012

Playwright Tina Howe attended a performance and gave her comments at a talk back as this was performed as part of the Southern Literary Festival. Photography by Kristi Jones.

Julius Caesar

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - January, 2012

Eddie George, former Tennessee Titans running back, was cast in the title role for his debut performing Shakespeare. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Hairspray: The Musical

Lipscomb University Theatre - November, 2011

This production of Hairspray incorporated a large amount of live television to produce the feeling of a television studio. Photography by Kristi Jones.

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Montgomery Bell Academy - October, 2011

Director Rick Seay took this show to the South Eastern Theatre Conference. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Leading Ladies

Lipscomb University Theatre - September, 2011

Robyn Berg directed this romp in which two men pose as long lost nieces in hopes of a large inheritance. Photography by Kristi Jones.

Romeo and Juliet

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - August, 2011

Director David Wilkerson set this production of Romeo and Juliet in Chicago at the time of the 1893 World's Fair. Photography by Rick Malkin.


Belmont University Theater and Actors Bridge Ensemble - February, 2011

Director Jessika Malone was looking to show a distinction between those on earth and those residing in the underworld. The inspiration for the Stones came from Day of the Dead celebrations. Photography by Rick Malkin.


Montgomery Bell Academy - 2010

MBA's competition show required masks to aid the actors portray their multiple roles. I enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with new materials in mask making.

Love's Labors Lost

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - Summer, 2010

Director Denice Hicks romantic look at the birds and the bees. Each pair of lovers represented a bird pair and each of the messengers was a bee or wasp. Photography by Rick Malkin.

The Tempest

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - January, 2010

Here Denice Hicks, as Ariel the magical spirit, flies over the set. Her costuming identifies her as an integral part of the island setting, whereas most of the other characters stand out as visitors to the island. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Shakespeare's Case

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - May, 2009

Brian Russell as Shakespeare was required to transform on stage from an Elizabethan version of Shakespeare to a more modern one while defending his right for his works to continue to be taught in school. I designed his Elizabethan costume so that he was easily able to remove his ruff and doublet sleeves as well as extend his pants from knee length to full length—all without leaving the stage. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Fahrenheit 451

Montgomery Bell Academy - November, 2009

Director Cal Fuller wanted this show to have a futuristic look blended with a retro flavor of the 1960s. Photography by Jim Thomas.


People's Branch Theatre and Belmont University Theatre Department - September, 2009

Although this production of Galileo was set in the 1930s, the director and I decided that the time period would have little influence on what our Pope and cardinals wore, since Roman Catholic church fashion has changed very little with time. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Richard the Third

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - January, 2009

Director Denice Hicks had the clever idea to set Richard the Third on the Vaudeville stage. The concept found the humor in the tragedy and was very well received. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Arabian Nights

Actors Bridge and Belmont University Theatre - Fall, 2008

Photography by Rick Malkin.

Captain Red Boots

Television pilot for Sony/BMG and Nickelodeon - May, 2008

The multi-talented Brian Hull has developed a television series concept about a lowly mopping boy who, aided by a pair of magical red boots, stands up to the evil pirate villain Green Teeth. Photography by Reese Faw.

The Antigone Cycle

People's Branch Theatre - Spring 2008

Director Ross Brooks adapted the traditional Greek story of Antigone as a conflict between rival hip hop gangs. Photography by Ryan Stufflebaum.

Pride & Prejudice

Belmont University Theatre - Early Winter, 2008

Pride and Prejudice was costumed traditionally as it is set in the Empire Period. Photography by Rick Malkin.

Two Gentlemen of Verona

Nashville Shakespeare Festival - Summer, 2007

Director Claire Syler requested a clownish presentation of Two Gentlemen of Verona. Elizabethan clothing, which I find funny, influenced the design. Photography by Jim Thomas.


Nashville Shakespeare Festival - Summer, 2006

This production of Macbeth changed the location from medieval Scotland to feudal Japan, and so incoporated pan-Asian theme for the costumes.